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Virtual Meeting Vibrance - June '23

Shine brightly in the Meet/Teams/Zoom room! Let's go!
Making a powerfully positive first impression can feel daunting. Imagine how difficult it can seem to stand out as a 3D person in a 2D screen world. How can we be our best selves in this challenging medium? This workshop will teach you best practices for showing up as your best self in virtual meetings and interviews. You will experience what small or easy modifications and techniques can yield powerful transformation. Successfully find and show your dazzling presence to let your inner self be seen and heard!

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Live via Zoom

Starting date

Jun 20


Career Workshops




2 Hours



Topics We'll Cover:

  • How to bring your full 3D presence into a 2D world
  • How to make your strengths shine and showcase your best self
  • How to be vibrant and connote energy and presence to stand out on a virtual meeting platform

Lessons In This Course:

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Meet The Instructor

Chris Sams (he/him)

BAVC Media Instructor
With a long-time background in the non-profit sector and improvisation training, Chris delights in facilitating teams and coaching individuals on executive presence, leadership, authentic communication, adaptability, and connection.

For more than 18 years, Chris has designed and led more than 1,000 sessions on improvisation, from coaching for the stage to coaching corporate teams on applied improv lessons and skills. Chris has worked with more than 325 different educational and corporate clients in his career, including Google, Apple, Airbnb, Virgin America, brick., CCA DMBA, and UC-Berkeley Haas.

He led BATS Improv @Work as program director for eight years, and currently delivers workshops as a Head Coach and Director of Virtual and Hybrid sessions at Nerd Improv. Additionally, Chris serves as a Global Faculty member for SNP Communications.

He invests his warmth, passion, sense of humor, and care in those whom he teaches, facilitates, and coaches in order to serve and bring out the best in each person.

He is a graduate of Duke University, where he was a Benjamin N. Duke Leadership Scholar.

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