Video & Audio Production

Video Production Bootcamp - October '23

Plan, shoot and edit a short film in 2 weeks! All skill levels welcome!

Are you a cinephile or producer seeking to become more skilled with video? Are you a creative looking to add fresh video content for your company? Do you have a burning desire to learn how to shoot video? Or are you a freelancer looking to make yourself more marketable for video production jobs?

Today’s high-definition cameras afford filmmakers at all levels the ability to learn to shoot video in an easy, flexible way. To help you learn advanced video technology and to give you the skills you need to make compelling, professional videos, we've redesigned our in-person DSLR Video Production Bootcamp into an online course so you can get up to speed from wherever you are.
The Bootcamp brings you the best tips, tricks and know-how in a 28-hour intensive training course (spread out over several sessions). You can use any video camera you have (or borrow/rent)--we'll be using a Canon DSLR but students have been joining the Bootcamp with smartphones, video cams, DSLRs--it's been a blast! You will gain hands-on experience in all aspects of short-form video production, including production planning (pre-production), shooting (production) and editing (post-production) from BAVC’s expert instructors.

• cinephiles that have previously owned a video camera
• producers interested in learning videography
• employees who want to create content for their company
• beginners who plan to freelance
• emerging doc filmmakers

• understanding cameras is intimidating
• you prefer learning over a semester

Course Photo by Tyler Casey on Unsplash


Starting date

Oct 21


Video & Audio Production




28 Hours



Topics We'll Cover:

  • Basic engineering and sound
  • Pre-production planning, scripting, and storyboarding
  • Camera operation
  • Lens choice
  • Production and directing techniques
  • Working as a team throughout the production process
  • Ingesting media
  • Fundamentals of Premiere Pro
  • Working with dual-system audio
  • Performing basic editing and media management tasks
  • Final output and sharing your video online
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Meet The Instructor

Keith Battle

CEO - One Tiny Problem
Keith Battle is a born storyteller. Whether through lyric verse and music, film/video, or at the gaming table in an epic D&D session, Keith’s thirst and enthusiasm for stories is on display. This love of sharing stories informs his passion for teaching. Keith finds deep joy in helping students find their way to “Aha!” moments. Keith also has a knack for putting creative people together. He sees and then seizes upon connections and opportunities for collaboration. Keith’s current dream project is a sci-fi psychedelic martial arts feature film that spans several thousand years… or does it?

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