Career Workshops

Resume Strategies - March

Time to start thinking differently about your approach to resume writing!
The whole point of career assets like resumes, cover letters, linkedin profiles, and portfolios are to get an interview.
Based on this, you need to craft a customized resume that doesn't give an employer everything, but gives them just enough so they have to interview you to get their questions answered.
Think of your resume as a timeshare brochure.

Course Photo by João Ferrão on Unsplash


Starting date

Mar 7


Career Workshops




2 Hours



Topics We'll Cover:

  • Effective techniques to leave them needing to contact you for an interview
  • Customizing your resume to fit the job description
  • Formatting to get the employer's attention right away
  • Soliciting and implementing feedback before you send your resume out

Lessons In This Course:

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Meet The Instructor

Arya Zarrinkelk (he/him)

BAVC Media Instructor
Arya Zarrinkelk is the Steve Kerr of career counseling. Never officially being a career counselor before his previous tenure at Bay Area Video Coalition, Arya has helped over 300 clients ranging from ages seventeen to seventy find employment and higher education opportunities. Arya balances a warm and fun approach to career counseling with a strict level of accountability. Arya won’t let his clients fail. His mantra is “lent now, mardi gras later.” He attributes his success to his colleagues at BAVC Media, playing bass, and his innate ability to grow amazing beards.

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