Leveraging LinkedIn - March '23

Hiring managers and HR personnel will definitely check you out before they consider interviewing you. 
That's why you need to leverage this platform to present yourself in your best light. We'll look at examples of good and bad profiles and learn how to mine your contacts' contacts for an intricate but powerful job search strategy.

Course Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Live via Zoom

Starting date

Mar 15


Career Workshops




1 Hour



Topics We'll Cover:

  • Having some fun with your LinkedIn profile
  • Making it easy for others to grasp what you can do
  • How to choose your profile photo
  • Why your contacts' contacts are a gold mine
  • Research = everything
  • Building your action item list

Lessons In This Course:

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Meet The Instructor

Mindy Aronoff (she/her)

Fairy Godmother
Mindy has designed nationally-recognized technology workforce programs that help connect job seekers at all levels find meaningful work in the gig economy or as valuable employees at large brick-and-mortar spaces, internet companies, traditional firms, nonprofits, universities and innovative start-ups. She's a fearless people connector who thinks entrepreneurially and tells us she's "happiest when opening doors for others to succeed." Savasana is her favorite yoga pose, she's addicted to great TV, and often has dreams of living in a forest of ancient saguaros. 

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