Video & Audio Production

Interviewing Techniques - June '23

This class will show you the best workflow practices, and prepare you to both ask the tough questions and get your interviewees to share their deepest thoughts and feelings on camera.
Being able to conduct an interview that results in powerful and effective material can make or break your film. This online class developed in San Francisco will take the students through the various steps for preparing an engaging camera interview from research, pre-production, production to post production. Interview samples will be screened and analyzed to highlight different approaches and dos and don’ts. Practice interviews will be set up so students have a chance to interview each other and/or be interviewed.

Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash


Starting date

Jun 11


Video & Audio Production




7 Hours



Topics We'll Cover:

  • How to structure the interview
  • How to prepare questions
  • What is the style/look of your interview?
  • How to choose the right camera, sound and lighting gear
  • Paperwork/Releases
  • How to prepare the interviewee
  • Professional vs. non-professional interviewee
  • How to pick & prepare a set
  • Dos and Don’ts during the interview
  • Quick fixes for problems during the interview
  • Transcripts & paper edits
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Meet The Instructor

Jonathan Parra

BAVC Media Instructor
A filmmaker, artist, and instructor with a passion for crafting original content, non-conventional marketing and advertising, and breaking past the status quo in media. He is a writer, producer, director, editor and fanboy who was worked within the genres of comedy, drama, action, and horror in the pursuit to entertain and connect with the audience. His 20 plus years of film and video production experience runs the gamut; documentaries, corporates, commercials, trailers, television, news, and independent cinema. He has written, produced, directed and edited for high profile clients such as Electronic Arts, Kabam, Genentech, eBay, NBC, Comcast, Nexstar Media, and Telemundo. He always up for talking comic books, music, video games, television and movies. He also likes to spin records for anyone who’s willing to listen.

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