Graphic design for social media

Graphic Design for Social Media- Nov '23

Tasked with building brand identity? Customer loyalty? Better sign up for this 7-hour class!
You'll learn to create helpful templates, animated gifs, and how to use graphic elements to influence the message and get results on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Successful marketers know social media is outdistancing most other channels and BAVC's class will bring you right to the top. 

Live Via Zoom

Starting date

Nov 20


Digital Marketing 




7 Hours



Topics We'll Cover:

  • Conceptualizing your message
  • Color space

Lessons In This Course:

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Meet The Instructor

Carolyn Crampton

BAVC Media Instructor
Carolyn Crampton is an artist and working designer who helps small businesses build a brand and then launch into whatever marketing channels seem best. She began teaching art in 2004, then typography and color theory, and has continued to teach basic design, aspects of social media, and software such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator. Carolyn is the former art director and senior designer at Macromedia (now Adobe), and has designed for San Francisco State University and Ex'pression College. She attended SUNY at New Paltz, NY, and later received her BFA in Fine Art from the University of Colorado. Carolyn exhibits as a fine artist, self-publishes books, and loves to play music. As an instructor, she strives to create classes that are challenging yet also help students retain their new-found skills.

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