Google Analytics 

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that you can use to optimize your marketing channels and measure the growth of your website.
Have you ever opened up Google Analytics and felt completely overwhelmed by the data you’re seeing? Does it feel impossible to drill down into your data to find metrics that actually mean anything?

Worry no more! Enroll in this popular San Francisco G4 Analytics class & take a deep dive into understanding your web traffic.

Learn what's working and what's not and leverage your data to engage the community / clients / audience you desire.

This class is perfect for those who don’t feel confident in using G4 Analytics or are completely new.

Live Via Zoom

Starting date

Dec 1


Digital Marketing




7 Hours



Topics We'll Cover:

  • Finding which marketing channels bring in the most visitors
  • Using Tag Manager to track link clicks, form fills, email subscribes and more
  • Understanding what content visitors are engaging with the most
  • Dissecting the location, device and demographic data of your visitors
  • Properly deploying your tracking code on all of your web pages

Lessons In This Course:

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Meet The Instructor

Cort Tafoya

BAVC Media Instructor
Cort Tafoya is a Sacramento based SEO and AdWords consultant with numerous corporate and startup clients in Northern CA, San Francisco and other Bay Area locations. This year he became an instructor and curriculum developer for UC Davis Extension’s SEO program.
He has been a guest speaker at the Startup Leadership Program, the Customer Analytics and Intelligence Summit, various coworking spaces and other locations on topics such as SEO, Google AdWords, Google Analytics & content marketing.

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