Designing an Explainer Video Feb '24

What is an explainer video how do I make one?
This comprehensive online workshop focuses on deconstructing the art of creating professional
explainer videos in Adobe After Effects. Starting with an analysis of existing examples, we'll
break down the essential skills needed to craft similar high-quality videos. Participants will
systematically acquire each skill, building towards the capability to approach and construct their
own compelling explainer videos by the end of the course. Emphasizing practical application,
the workshop will guide attendees through the process of refining motion with keyframes,
animating text and shapes, mastering 3D space, and more, ensuring a deep understanding of
each critical aspect.
Students are encouraged to bring in links to explainer videos they’ve seen to be used as
examples in the class.

Live Via Zoom

Starting date

Feb 26






14 Hours



Topics We'll Cover:

  • Introduction to Explainer Videos
  • Refining motion with keyframes
  • Advanced text animation
  • Animating shapes and track mattes
  • Mastering 3D space
  • Putting it all together

Lessons In This Course:

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Meet The Instructor

Doug Garth Williams

BAVC Instructor
Doug Garth Williams is an award winning writer and director whose music videos, commercials, and independent shorts have collectively received over 25 million views online. In addition to his online presence, Doug has had more than 20 pieces shown in over 100 exhibitions and screenings in galleries, museums, and film festivals in 17 countries around the world, including 4 solo gallery shows in New York and California. Doug has also been the recipient of the Franklin Furnace Fund Award, the Murphy and Cadogan Award, first place in the Flourish Oakland Art Awards, and the Herringer Family Award for Excellence in Art, as well as winning jury prizes at multiple festivals.

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