video and audio production

Audio for Video Production - August '23

Your video projects will sing when you learn to capture better sound in the studio or out in the field!
This workshop provides hands-on training in the basic techniques of recording sound for the camera. You will review basic sound theory, practical tips, squashing noise, and troubleshooting. Students will set up interviews and use the most commonly used professional sound equipment in different environments.

Photo by Tyler Casey on Unsplash

In Person

Starting date

Aug 19


Video and Audio Production




7 Hours



Topics We'll Cover:

  • Mixing theory/gain structure
  • Mic, line, and consumer levels
  • Microphone types and applications
  • Boom technique
  • Ambiance

Lessons In This Course:

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Meet The Instructor

Stanley Ng

BAVC Media Instructor
Stan is a veteran of scores of independent films, contributing to location and post-production sound on narrative and documentary films. He has also executed full video productions for large and small businesses, non-profits, and community productions. A retired engineer, he likes to bring technical polish to the art of storytelling.

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