Video & Audio Postproduction

Aesthetics of Editing

Learn about the art and language of film editing
"We'll fix it in post." You've heard that phrase to justify less-than-desirable production results but the old chestnut can also refer to moving the story along. The decisions you make while editing brings the power to a film or video. It helps viewers make connections, be in on the secret, or turn what they're watching into an art form. As Ralph Rosenblum says in his industry-renowned classic, When The Shooting Stops, The Cutting Begins, the footage "must now be selected, tightened, paced, embellished, arranged, and in some scenes, given artificial respiration." BTW, Ralph Rosenblum edited Woody Allen's Annie Hall, and transformed a chaotic, meandering string of bits into an Oscar-winning film.
In this film editing class, we will leave software and hardware behind and focus on the art and craft of cutting. You'll explore well known concepts used by Hollywood movie makers, independent film and videomakers and storytellers the world over. Examples will be drawn from narrative and documentary films as well as from music videos, commercials and experimental films.

Live via Zoom

Starting date

Jun 13


Video & Audio Postproduction




7 Hours



Topics We'll Cover:

  • juxtaposition
  • reaction shots
  • cutaways
  • action edits
  • B-roll
  • pacing
  • screen position
  • montage
  • continuity
  • sound

Lessons In This Course:

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Meet The Instructor

David Santamaria

BAVC Media Instructor
David works as a colorist, animator and media consultant in the Bay Area. He has 12 years experience teaching, training and mentoring people in all areas of post-production. He is a certified trainer and teaches DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, Final Cut, Premiere Pro and Photoshop at the BAVC Media. He has completed several short comedies and was in joint residence at the Jewish Film Institute & Ninth Street IFC Incubator program where he worked on the feature documentary, The Goldsteins of Las Vegas. David’s training and consulting clients include the San Francisco Ballet, KQED, KGO, Pixar, Yahoo, and Adobe among others.  

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